S. No. Online activities Date      Faculty/Department International/ National/ Regional/State            FB link/YouTube link/report/other

National online E-poster competition on Impact of Lockdown on Environment

World Environment Day

5 June 2020 IQAC National Link
2. Online Workshop on Careers in Entertainment 25 Jun 2020 Career counselling Cell IQAC National Link
3. Online Workshop on Careers in Media and Entertainment 13 July 2020 Career counselling Cell IQAC Regional Link
4. Stress Management through Yoga During Covid-19 18 Jul 2020 Department of Sports and Department of Yoga Sciences International Link
5. Role of Applied Zoology in Current Scenario 24 & 25 Jul 2020 Department of Zoology in collaboration with Zoological society of India International Link
6. Recent Trends on Advanced Materials and Environment (RTAME)-2020 05 Aug 2020 Department of Chemistry IQAC International Link
7. Innovative Entrepreneurship for Society: Opportunities & Challenges 08 Aug 2020 Livelihood Cell IQAC International Link
8. Vaccine Against Covid -19 Opportunities and Challenges 10 Aug 2020 Department of Microbiology Department of Biotechnology IQAC International Link
9. COVID 19 On Economy, Commerce and Industry: Opportunities and Challenges 17 Aug 2020 Department of Commerce IQAC International Link
10. Godhan Nyay Yojna Se Gramin Vikas (गोधन न्याय योजना से ग्रामीण विकास) 26 Aug 2020 NSS, IQAC In collaboration with Atal Bihari Vajpayee Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur National Link
11. Communicate to facilitate: English from local to Global 08 Sep
Department of English IQAC International Link

Gandhi, Swadeshi or GraminArthvyavastha Ek Samyak Darshan

(गाँधीस्वदेशी और ग्रामीण अर्थव्यवस्थाएक सम्यक्दर्शन)

“ Gandhi Jayanti ”

02 Oct 2020 NSS IQAC National Link
13. Online Alumni Meet 28 Oct 2020 Alumni Association College Link
14. Online PTM 29 Oct 2020 IQAC College Link
15. Student Induction Programme  

Admission Cell

16. Revised Accreditation Framework for Accreditation in higher education 21 Nov 2020 IQAC National Link
17. छत्तीसगढ़ भाषालोक संस्कृति अऊ लोक संस्कार 28 Nov 2020 Department of Hindi IQAC Regional Link
18. World AIDS Day 15 Dec 2020 NSS and Department of Micro. And Biotech. Regional Link
19. Cultural Programme on Republic Day 26 Jan 2021 Department of Education College Link
20. TISS Orientation Programme for Student (NUSSD Courses) 03 Feb 2021 TISS College  
21. World Cancer Day 04 Feb 2021 Department of Micro. And Biotech. College Link

Hindi Ka SampurnVyakran

(हिन्दी का सम्पूर्ण व्याकरण)

28 Feb


Department of Hindi IQAC International Link
23. National Science Day 01 Mar 2021 Science Committee College Link

Kanya Bhrun Hatya

(कन्या भ्रूण हत्यामानवता पर एक कलंककारण एवं निदान)

4 Mar 2021 Department of Sociology IQAC International Link

Women Health and Hygiene and Cervical Cancer

“World Women’s Day”

08 Mar 2021 Women cell College Link
26. Kickstart Your Research Career 13 Mar 2021 Department Computer Science IQAC International Link
27. डॉसुधांशु कुमार शुक्ला के प्रसिद्ध ग्रंथ बी.एल.गौड़ का लोक गीत पर संवाद 14 Mar 2021 Department of Hindi IQAC International Link

Five-day Online yoga Workshop

“International Yoga Day”

21 to 25

Jun 2021

Department of Yoga Sciences IQAC National Link
29. Handling Mental Health Problems of Students 2 Aug 2021 Women Cell, IQAC, Boost Up Indian Foundation National Link

भारतीय स्वतंत्रता आंदोलन (छत्तीसगढ़ के विशेष सन्दर्भ में ) 

20 Sep 2021 NSS National Link

Handling Mental Health issues while dealing with Stress and Depression “World Mental Health Day”

09 Oct 2021 Women Cell ‘Shakti’ Regional Link
32. “Be Employable” Two days workshop on employment opportunity and personality development 16-17 Dec 2021 Prime Step and Department of English College  
33. National Employability Skill Test
27 Nov 2021

and 15 Jan 2022

PIBM College  
34. Online PTM 22 Feb 2022 IQAC College Link

Workshop on Career Guidance for Students (CSIR-NET, UGC-NET & CTET)

03 Mar 2022 IQAC and Career Counselling Cell College Link
36 Five Day Faculty Development Programme for Effective Communication Skills 18-22 April 2022 Pune Institute of Business Management State/ National Link

One day Webinar on Menstrual Hygiene and Management “Menstrual Hygiene Day”

28 May 2022 NSS and Women Cell College Link
38. Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Programme 15 Jul 2022
Office of the Controller and, General of Patent Design and trademarks

(Govt. Of India)

And IQAC and Research and Development


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